7 Unique Wedding Ideas

Photography by: Honey and Bee Photography

If having a unique wedding is important to you and you want to leave your guests with something to talk about, here are some amazing, unique wedding ideas- you haven't heard of!

1. Sign the marriage license during the ceremony- Why have we never thought of this?! We had a bride who told us she really wanted to sign the marriage license during the ceremony to include her guests and to join together the exact moments of the ceremonial marriage and the legal marriage. You will need to have a table close by (and a paperweight if you're outside!)

2. Introduce your wedding party yourself- How sweet would it be to say a few words about how you met your Maid of Honor? or a funny (short) story about the two of you? This lets all your guests know a little bit more about the most important people in your lives!

3. Share a last dance- While your guests are lining up for your big send-off, have your DJ or band play a special song, just for the two of you (and your photographer if you want pictures of this). Your wedding day will fly by, so any time you can slow down and take it in together is so important!

4. Eat alone together before the reception- This is another great time to take just for the two of you to take in the ceremony and prepare for the reception! Our couples tell us this was one of the most special moments of the day. This also lets you have more time for photos because you aren't rushing to get to the reception so your guests can eat. Since you are both eating alone, you can let your guests to go ahead and eat without you (and the faster your guests are fed, the happier they are!)

5. Have your photographer replace your officiant for the first kiss- We love this idea! This photo will show all of your loved ones in the background of this special moment. Our only regret is not doing this for our own weddings!

6. Do an anniversary dance- For this dance, your band or DJ will invite all of the married couples to the dance floor. He will explain to the couples that when they hear the number of years they've been married, they have to sit down. As the song plays your MC will announce years in increments of 5, and any couple who has been married for less than 5 years will have to sit down. (It's funny to have your MC say, "If you've been married for less than 4 hours, sit down", obviously referring to you and your new spouse.) At the end, who ever is the last couple standing gets a round of applause and can say a few words of advice for a long, happy marriage!

7. Have your grandmothers be your flower girls- If you've ever seen this done then you know how freaking cute this is! It is honestly one of the sweetest things we've seen and the grandmothers and guests love it!


Brette and Christina

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