Do I really need a wedding planner?

The average wedding would take a bride dozens of hours to plan and the planning process consists of checklists containing over 300 different items!

Dozens of emails are exchanged and each vendor has their own deadlines and contracts to review. A lot of brides work and aren’t able to meet with all of the vendors during normal business hours.

We know weddings can cost a lot of money and some couples are concerned about the price of hiring a planner, not realizing how much time off they would need to take in order to plan- not to mention all the tricks we know to save them money! If hiring a wedding planner allows couples to save in every other area of their wedding, we end up saving them money!

Lots of couples want a close family member or friend to coordinate their wedding day, but ask any bride who's chosen to do this, it's not a good idea!

The closer to the wedding it gets the more couples realize they can’t do it on their own, and unfortunately it's often time too late and the wedding day itself is the biggest causality. You simply can’t coordinate your own wedding (or have a bridesmaid or anyone attending the wedding as a guest). And why would you want to? You’ve spend time and money on this gorgeous event, you should be enjoying it! You should be able to be a guest at your own wedding. Wedding planners help you budget so you're aware of costs up-front, not six months in when it's too late to save the budget. They work out logistics, review vendor contracts (saving you from costly mistakes), and run around the day of the wedding troubleshooting, fixing all of the things that WILL come up! Planners pay to have access to extensive programs to organize, create, design, and keep track of budgets, timelines, and checklists.

A day of coordinator is always a must, and while we always suggest a full process planner so you can enjoy your engagement as well!

What type of wedding planner do I need?

There are different types of wedding professionals, so which is best for you?

A wedding designer creates the stunning aesthetic of a wedding. The visual pieces and overall mood are all in thanks to the wedding designer. They take your vision and bring it to life with custom design elements and give help with creative decisions such as floor plans, floral design, bridal party design, and all of the rentals.

A wedding planner handles all of the logistics. They create checklists, timelines, and make sure every detail of your day has been taken care of.

Wedding coordinators are there on the day-of your wedding to make sure everything is set-up, vendors are doing what they're supposed to, and keeping the schedule so everything goes smoothly. All of these are important in creating a seamless, unforgettable event that will have your friends talking for years to come!

If you do decide to hire a wedding planner, we strongly suggest doing it before you make any other major decisions about your wedding (unless you have an unlimited budget). A lot of the most important budget decisions are made early on in the process, especially with the venue, so it's best to let your planner advise you from the very beginning.

We hope this helps in your decision about hiring a wedding planner!

xoxo, Brette and Christina

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