25 Nashville Brides Reveal What They Would Have Done Differently

25 Nashville Brides Reveal What They Would Have Done Differently

We all wish we could see into the future to avoid making mistakes, but take it from these married gals, and don't make the same ones!

"My personal advice is to only focus on these three things; love, personalization and emotion. Whatever gives you these three things, then focus on those and leave everything else in the dust. Spend your money where it matters most, starting with your memory bank."

Keatyn Swift Wright, 02/24/2017

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"My husband and I were together for 6 years before we got engaged. I really thought “ I got this!” I set out over a year and a half trying to perfect every little detail on my own! I decided against a wedding coordinator because I trusted myself enough to do it all. After it was all said it done I had a wedding that I alone had created and was proud of but..... if I could’ve changed anything I believe a wedding coordinator is a NECESSITY! Simple sometimes is better and details can truly be a statement within floral instead of materialistic decor. Although I live with no regrets I truly wished I would’ve done a small intimate ceremony on an island somewhere with just immediate family and close friends!"

Sarah Hibbs Williams, 9/27/2014

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"One thing I can think of is I would not have over indulged at the rehearsal! (Lol) I didn’t feel great the morning of the wedding and my eyes were puffy so I was very nervous that I was going to look awful.

The only other thing I can think of is I would have made sure to have at least one dance with my now husband. It was such a whirlwind and everyone is wanting to talk/take pictures so before we knew it, it was time to have the sparkler exit. I didn’t even see the food table or sweetheart table because it was so wild! But it was still the best night of my life!"

Natalee Haynes Estrin, 11/11/17

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"I loved my wedding day but there are a few things I wish I'd done differently. The first thing would be to hire a PROFESSIONAL photographer. I was on an extremely tight budget and cheaped out on the photographer and really wish I hadn't. Having amazing pictures to look back on and hang in my home should have been a huge priority but it wasn't and now I regret it. Also, just having a wedding planner period. I literally planned everything on my own. It was so stressful. On my wedding day I was so stressed out worrying if everything was going right, staying on time, etc. A wedding planner is a definite must have!"

Brittany Finn Roberts, 09/03/2016

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"So my wedding was a beyond perfect day!

With the exception of a few things...firstly the pastor I used was a family friend and he is so amazing but he got so nervous being that my wedding was the largest he had done he lost his place several times which led to some awkward silences and me laughing too loudly to keep from it being awkward lol. Also two days before my wedding I was told that I could no longer have a sparkler send off, which I had dreamed about those pictures for as long as I can remember, because of a fire hazard...so I was going to have to hire a pyro technician and also apply for a license that was $150 AFTER I had already paid over $100 in sparklers. Needless to say we didn’t do sparklers, we had to improvise and one of my close friends got several balloons with lights blown up. Thirdly, I almost made a sign saying basically “don’t pick a side of the side or groom, sit where you see a seat on either side” but one of my bridesmaids told me surely people will know not to just sit on one side or the other and I agreed...we were wrong, my entire side was full and my husbands side was almost empty which made pictures kind of awkward. Lastly, not everyone who rsvp’d showed up so we had a significant amount of extra alcohol...while on the dance floor...the girlfriend of one of the groomsmen spilled her entire glass of wine down my back and broke the glass on my train...thank the LORD it was white wine and came right out. But I literally had to take my dress off"

Katelyn Rippeteau, 9/29/17

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"I was definitely a DIY bride. I thought that because I had an 18 month engagement, that meant I had plenty of time to do a lot of stuff for my wedding myself. In hindsight, I wish I would have hired more vendors to help so I could really enjoy my wedding weekend instead of making flower arrangements and coordinating with vendors. While sometimes going the DIY route is necessary to save money, I highly recommend hiring a wedding planner or coordinator to deal with the last-minute details if you can fit it into your budget!"

Kristen Dick, 9/30/2017

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To say that I was a DIY Bride would be an understatement. Me and my husband’s goal was to save the most money possible on our wedding day, so that we could invest that money into our honeymoon [...] Pay close attention to your guest & shower lists- There were a handful of people who accidentally got left off our guest list due to us not paying close attention to detail. I got mixed up in the day to day responsibilities and didn’t pay close enough attention. This resulted in me working twice as hard to do damage control. [...] My friends, family and I did everything from the invitations, wedding signs, drape, center pieces, flowers, etc. This saved us a significant amount of money but it was extremely labor intensive. If I had to cut out one of these DIY projects to cut out it would be the invitations. Although they turned out beautiful it just simply wasn’t worth the 40+ hours spent putting them together. [...] Time is simply not something a bride can get back and in my opinion it’s the most important part when planning your own wedding. [...] Honor the people in your wedding by blessing them with a thoughtful present [...] All of the DIY projects cluttered my mind which distracted me from putting the thought and effort into the presents I purchased. [...] Don’t sweat the small things and always remember to “take it all in”. Everyone told me our wedding would go by so fast and that I wouldn’t remember it; I thought they were crazy. I was wrong. It all seems like a