15 Important Wedding Details All Brides Forget

There are so many things to remember when it comes to planning a wedding! (We always encourage hiring a wedding planner!) And although checklists are great, some things are bound to fall through the cracks. Here are important details not to forget when planning your wedding:

1. Checking the weather- You will want to know both the temperature and the time the sun will be setting. This is as easy as a simple Google search. Make sure and note what direction you will be facing if your ceremony is outside- you don't want all of your guests facing West blinded by the sunset, and you also don't want your future hubby unable to see you walking down the aisle. This is also good to know for pictures so you can make sure you allow enough time before the sun sets to get all of the shots in!

2. Bring an extra invitation suite for the photographer on the day of- You'll be glad you captured this. (Bring 2 invitations if you want a front and back in the same shot).

3. Lunch the day of- You will be super busy getting ready, so it's a great idea to ask someone ahead of time to bring you and your girls lunch! And plan for time to get breakfast on your way to the venue that morning!

4. Ordering extra chairs- Most people don't naturally sit next to one another, so it's nice to have a few extra chairs for people to have additional seating options if you aren’t doing assigned seats (usually 15-20 is sufficient).

5. Having a get together with all of the bridesmaids- Sometimes all the girls haven't been introduced to one another, so planning a brunch or fun night out is a great way to allow all your girls get to know one another before the big day! Another great idea is to get everyone together and ask them all at once! “Christina threw us an ‘ask the bridesmaids’ party and it was so cute! It gave us all a chance to get to know each other and was so thoughtful!” -Brette

6. Passport- If you're traveling out of the country for your honeymoon, don't forget to obtain you and your future hubby's passports. Make sure your driver's license is up to date as well!

7. Tissue- We know, you're not gonna cry... but just in case, wrap a tissue around your bouquet so no one can see it, but it's there if you need it.

8. Extra decor- It's easy to think of the usual places for decor and/or flower arrangements- bouquets, reception tables, etc. But the day of the wedding, most brides regret not having more decor in those extra places like the welcome table, the gift table, the restrooms, the cake table, etc. *You can repurpose the bridesmaid's bouquets for some of these!

9. Designating someone to get your personal belongings- This includes any DIY decor you brought from home, all of your wedding gifts, your wedding dress, etc. Just make sure someone is responsible for taking this stuff home for you and it's not left at the venue.

10. Marriage License- Make sure to apply for a marriage license according to your state's laws, but don't forget to bring ALL of the papers the day of the wedding. You will get a couple different sets of papers, including an official-looking certificate and then just some unimportant looking papers (the unimportant papers are actually most important!)

11. Pack an overnight bag- Of course pack a suitcase for the honeymoon, but you'll thank yourself if you pack a small bag for that first night at the hotel. Just put the essentials in there and have that with your luggage in the gateway car ready to go! *Keep your documents in this for easy access at the airport.

12. Reviews- Make sure to review your vendors online after you get home from your honeymoon. They have worked for months with you to make sure your day is perfect, so don't forget to write them a review. Vendors know you have a lot of Thank You notes to write so they usually won't bug you about it, but a timely review is always appreciated!

13. Pin Spots- We always recommend these spot lights for the cake table, head table, bar, etc. - especially if you're having an evening wedding outside. Most venues don't provide these so you'll have to order them from a lighting company.

14. Having a rain plan- IT WILL NOT RAIN ON YOUR WEDDING DAY... but if it does, know what your back-up plan is. Most brides leave it at "We'll just have it inside". But actually plan the details of how it would work so you're not left scrambling the day-of.

15. Thank you cards- It's all over and you finally get to rest, but don't forget to thank everyone for their hard work and gifts. Take the time to write heartfelt notes to those who really helped you out. No one wants to stay until midnight cleaning up after a long night of dancing, so make sure to show those people how much you appreciate them! *Commit to writing 5 per day, instead of all of them at once!

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